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luni, 8 iunie 2015

Review: Protecting Their Mate, Part One by Mia Thorne

Protecting Their Mate, Part One: A BBW Shifter Werewolf Romance (The Last Pack #1)
Blake is on a mission from his alpha--to track down a werewolf whose parents dragged her into the human world years ago, one who may be in danger. He expects the lead to go nowhere. What he finds caged in a basement is a rare thing--a beautiful, curvy woman gripped by the fever, ready to mate. Ashley Todd has never fit in. She's always been too much--too big, too demanding, too close to the wolf hiding beneath her skin. She's been locked away for months, alone for a lifetime--and in walks Blake. Her rescuer is hard, intense, a dominant wolf whose bossy attitude makes her growl...and melt. Soothing her mating fever is his responsibility--and his pleasure. Their passion is explosive, undeniable. But what started out as a job for Blake quickly becomes something more, and the toughest part of his mission looms: take Ashley back to his pack so she can choose her permanent mate.
I should have known better, judging from the cover... Don't let yourself be fooled, there is no story, this is just an excuse for writing sex. Because sex sells. Don't get me wrong, I have no problem with Erotica, when done well, it makes for a great book. But this... this was just a 30 pages long "book" about werewolves who actually don't even shape-shift. There is a mention of magic which isn't really developed, just thrown in there.

The "plot"? A 20-21 year-old woman is locked in a basement and starved by her father, a shape-shifter himself playing human. Ashley, or rather the wolf in her, is in heat. Insert Blake, a former friend of this girl's mother, who is worried (Why? What made him worry for the girl?) and comes to check on the girl. He is pissed off when he finds her locked in the basement, starving and in pain, and wants to kill Ashley's father for doing this to her, but he finds him already dead.

Reader: Who killed this man?
Author: Don't worry, dear reader, this is not important, the whole purpose of this book is the sex after all.
Reader: ... right.

The guy takes the girl to a hotel, sleeps with her and then tells her how she is supposed to be doing the deed with all the other members of the pack so she can choose a mate.


And you can all read about this in the other seven 30 pages-long "books" in the series. Each priced 1.23$. What? It's all about the sex, and the money. Really glad I got this first one for free or I would be even more pissed. I'm surprised to see so many glowing reviews of this one.

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