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vineri, 5 iunie 2015

Review: Does My Goldfish Know Who I Am?

Does My Goldfish Know Who I Am?: and hundreds more Big Questions from Little People answered by experts

Why do zebras have stripes? Why do we close our eyes when we sneeze? Why are farts flammable? Why do we have recessions when we can just print more money? If you've ever been flummoxed by a child's questions, Does My Goldfish Know Who I Am? is the perfect book for you. With over 300 real questions from primary school aged children, the book offers bite-sized answers from world class experts - digestible in under 60 seconds. Following the huge success of Big Questions from Little People published in Autumn 2012, this new volume will also include quizzes and favourite facts sections, making it a perfect gift for families.

It is normal to have many questions as a kid - about life, about society, about science. Curiosity does not always kill the cat, more than often it is the thing that helps humanity evolve and discover new things. In this book, experts in various domains, from physicists to professional football players answer to some of the many questions children have.

I believe I would have loved this book as a child, I often read things like this one - even though there weren't so many of them available then in my country. As an adult, however, I was able to view things a little more objectively.

Generally, most of the questions are pertinent and the answers are clearly formulated in simple terms so the children can understand the information given to them. It is nice to see the names and ages of each child who asks a question, but there were situations in which I thought considering the age of the little curious one, the answer was a bit too complicated or the opposite - an older child who I thought should be getting a more precise answer. Also, some of the questions are rather silly, and could have been easilly answered to by parents - so I couldn't see the point of being added to the book. I suppose it was for the comedic effect. I was not amused.

I will admit, however, that the question about goldfish knowing who their owners are was the exception here, since it was actually funny and made for a very attention-grabbing title for the book.

By the time I reached the half of this book, I started to get bored and a few pages later, the book turns to quizzes created by children - yay, I knew almost all of the answers - which I think would've made the book more fun if they were placed throughout it. If I was getting sleepy, then you can bet kids were too.

Finally, we get to the thing that annoyed me about this science book for children - the ending, consisting of 20% of my digital review copy was filled with information about the people who answered those questions. If they are also included in the printed copy, then I think this is a very sad waste of papers, since everyone who cares to find out more about these people can also use Google, thank you very much.

All in all, this probably still is very entertaining and educational for children, so if your little one is curious about science even the tiniest bit (or if you're trying to get him or her to be), you should try getting this title for them.

 Pentru cititorii mei romani, o carte din aceasta colectie a aparut si la noi, la editura Rao si poate fi comandata de aici cu transport gratuit.

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