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Aceasta pagina e disponibila si in limba romana.

If you are an author and you want to further promote your book by receiving a review, then you are in the right place.

I rate the books that I read and review with vanilla flowers. Here is what every rating means:

Five vanilla flowers mean that I found your book to be amazing. I will probably further promote it by taking an interview, asking you to offer an ebook for one of my lucky readers and pretty much recommending your book to all my reading friends.[/caption]

Four vanilla flowers rating is the same as five vanilla flowers, but your book must have had something that I didn't particularly like. This could be: boring parts; an annoying character; a few typos, grammar or punctuation errors.[/caption]

If your book was to my liking, without having something very special, I will give it 3 vanilla flowers. The review will be favourable, I will concentrate on the good parts of the book, but also mentioning its downsides. I may be recommending it to a friend or two, if I think they will like it.

If I give your book only two vanilla flowers, I will ask you before publishing the review if you are ok with that. The review will consist of good and bad aspects of the book, equally mentioned and developped. This rating means that the book was ok, I didn't particularly liked or disliked it.

I will not review your book if I hate it. I may also have other authors waiting in line for their book to be reviewed, so you may also have to wait for a while in order for me to start reading and reviewing your book. Also, I only read and review fiction and my favourite genres are romance, fantasy, classics, crime, humor, contemporary, paranormal, mystery and some kinds of science fiction. So your book has a higher chance of getting a good rating and review if it fits under one or more of these categories.

The review will be posted on Goodreads and my blog in English and Romanian, and on Amazon just in English.

If you acknowledge all of these, and you are ok with my way of reviewing, you can proceed to completing this form.