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duminică, 2 iunie 2013

In My Mailbox / Stacking the Shelves (17)

Hi! Welcome to In My Mailbox and Stacking the Shelves, the weekly memes where I show you what books I bought and received lately. To find official information like how to participate or why it was started, check the official IMM page and STS page!

Some weeks are almost bookless lately because of my lack of time to purchase them, but this one was an exception, a week when all the books that I had been waiting for arrived. Special thanks fo to Julia Philips Smith who, in addition to the book Bound by Dragonsfyre that I won, also added in the pack her other book, Saint Sanguinus. Huge thanks to Megan Thompson, who ordered for me Seraphina and The 5th Wave in hardcover edition when the paperbacks weren't available, even though I had only won a 25$ BookDepository GC from her and my choice of books was a lot more than that because of the hardcovers. Also, thanks to Lizzy Ford for gifting me a special, Collector's Edition of Witchling Novellette, that only a few of her reviewers and fans have. And finally, thank you, mom, for buying Agatha Christie's The Clocks (Romanian edition).


I won Awakened by Kriston Johnson, Jen Minkman gifted me her latest book, a novella, The Island, and I got Keeper of Reign by Emma Right on NetGalley. The rest of the following ebooks were free on Amazon. :)

What books did YOU get?

5 comentarii:

  1. Waaaah! Seraphina is absolutely amazing! I hope you adore it!

    Great haul!!

    My Haul

  2. Nice haul! I just finished The 5th Wave this week! Loved it! Happy reading!

    SP & STS
    Sandy @ Somewhere Only We Know

  3. Lovely haul. You got so many great NG/EW titles this week. Keeper of The Reign looks interesting. Come visit me as well.

  4. Really awesome books you've added to your TBR pile :D! I also got Ceasurile by Agatha Christie and I hope to read it this summer. I love how Seraphina looks! Shiny font on the cover whooaaa!
    Lizzy Ford's Novelete Collection looks amazing! What does the collection include? ^^