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Today I’m excited to participate in the Creative Blog Tour for The Crimson Countess by Brynn Myers hosted by MTMC Tours! The Crimson Countess is an Adult Gothic Romance inspired by the tales of the Blood Countess, Elizabeth Báthory, and it will be republished on June 5, 2021 from Indigo Ink Publications.

The Crimson Countess

Author: Brynn Myer
Publisher: Indigo Ink Publications

Publication Date: June 5th, 2021
Genres: Adult Gothic Romance

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When a god and a vampire queen desire you, things can get complicated.


Nola Blair is a free-spirited artist who’s been offered a hefty sum to create a unique piece for a party at Elizabeth Bathory’s ruined castle. It’s an assignment she declined––twice. However, at the behest of her sister and her best friend, she finally gave in, choosing her career over her annoyance with the misogynist ass trying to secure her services.


Erzsebet Bathory has been trapped for centuries and would do anything to escape, including using her own son, Paul, to do her bidding. Soon she’ll be free and take her place among the ferals as their queen.


Andrik Kane had no idea his life would change when he saved Nola from a band of rogue vampires. Charged with the hunting of ferals and their creators, one broken rule and the blood of a beautiful brunette in distress ends up giving him more than he ever bargained for.


One wants her blood, the other wants her to be his. Who will decide Nola’s fate?



About Brynn Myers:

Brynn Myers is a paranormal romance author. After considering writing a hobby for years, she finally turned her passion and talent into a career. She came into the paranormal genre later than most but has always loved fairy-tales and all things magical. Using that love, she creates charmed worlds by writing stories involving passionate, strong willed characters with something to discover.

Brynn lives with her family in Central Florida.

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The Crimson Countess was my first beach read this year. I know a vampire book doesn't sound like the perfect summer book and it isn't, this just goes to show how busy my life is and how this vacation was the only time I could get to read this for the tour.

Vampire books seem to be making a come back and this one is not about the sparkly kind, though Andrik does seem to share the stalker vibe of Edward Cullen when it comes to Nola, his love interest. The premise of the book was very intriguing, I always thought Erzsébet Báthory to be an interesting historical figure though I cannot for the life of me get why the author mentioned her being related to Vlad Țepeș (whose name she misspelled as Tepas). They are similar having lived in neighboring countries and they  both remained known in history  for their violent natures and predilection for bloodthirstiness. Some sources do say though there might be a distant relation between the two given how royalties usually get married to each other over and over again in the same small circles but that's about it, with no definitive evidence as to how they might have or not have been cousins. Given that this is fiction, I am okay with this.

In this paranormal book, vampires live among humans but most do not feed on them. They can evanesce but people don't notice this since they don't believe in the supernatural. Everything that can't be explained is seen as a glitch and forgotten. Now I have some feelings about this. I have one or two friends who are wildly convincing about seeing some supernatural stuff. I would've loved one such character in this book to notice these characters and freak out. But I guess they would have their memories erased anyway.

Nola is an artist and our main guy's love interest. She is in the center of it all, being hired together with her sister and an artist partner to create an art piece with Gothic mirrors which unbeknownst to them would be used for supernatural purposes I will not reveal so as not to spoil the book. Nola also almost dies after feral vampires drain her of blood but is saved by Andrik via his blood, which links him to a human for the first time, making him always feel when she is in danger or has any feelings whatsoever. He saves her for selfish reasons because she looks like a woman he failed to save centuries ago and he wants to erase that failure but ends up actually liking her for who she is.

The vampire hierarchy is very complicated and it's my favorite part about the book. There are three gods (Thantos, Manya and Andrik) who created the Sanguines. They are pure blood vampires who only feed off each other. But some of the vampires decided they wanted their own bloodline to follow them and they created feral vampires who are a danger to humans whose blood they feed off and in high numbers could potentially kill off the Sanguines and rule over the world. One such feral is Bathory, who is currently trapped in a painting. But she is stil creating chaos somehow releasing ferals in the modern world and needs to be found and stopped once and for all.

The supernatural creatures were just what I wanted. Bathory is very cruel, drinking a human's blood daily and killing most of them or making them her pets for a while before she gets bored. But she is quick to judge her son as a monster when he uses women just because he isn't a vampire. Yet she doesn't question her treatment of him that made him the way he is. I loved reading about her interactions with the lover who turned her and eventually betrayed her making her pay for his crimes as well. Bathory is also quick to forget she is responsible for at least some of the murders, which she did out of love or maybe worship for the man who have her eternal life. She does love her daughters and suffers when they are lost to her, which turns Paul, her son, even more against women, feeling he isn't enough for his mother if it's just him alone. He also thinks being a man prevented him from being turned vampire since his mother's lover is only interested in women. Getting linked to his mother by a witch gives him an immortal life but he is stil weak and would die if his mother did, who uses him repeatedly while being trapped knowing well he would betray her the moment she turned him feral. All the sick things that were done to him make him a very interesting villain. The good and bad guys alike want him dead. 

I wanted this book to be more about the vampires and the fight between ferals and pure bloods, I wanted a more thorough explanation over how some vampires can live in the ancient times and come visit the modern world sometimes. Instead the book is more about the instant romance between Nola and Andrik. Nola is a great artist and a likeable woman but when it comes to Andrik, she doesn't seem to question anything. She isn't afraid when she is confronted with what he is, doesn't have many questions, doesn't need any time to process what is happening. She just accepts anything is being thrown at her when it comes to him, not getting too upset over her life being turned upside down, she keeps being put in danger, having her memories altered etcetera. It's almost as if everything seems normal to her and it's accepted as is. 

I think you will like this book if you want a Gothic Romance. I was in more for the Countess and supernatural parts so that's why I am a bit so-so.

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