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mar╚Ťi, 27 august 2013

[Book Tour & Giveaway] Fiery Bride: Top Ten List

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​"Fiery Bride" (Matchmaker & Co. #3)  by Cynthia Woolf

Expected Released Date: July 5th, 2013

Genre: Western Historical Romance

After a disastrous marriage, Matchmaker Maggie vowed never to marry again.  She will never give another man the power of life and death over her body and soul. Unfortunately, that doesn't keep her lonely heart from fantasizing about her newest client, Caleb Black. She made the mistake of starting a flirtatious correspondence with the clever devil, believing they would never meet. But when his new bride abandons her mid-way to Colorado to elope with another man, Maggie is forced to face the devastatingly handsome Caleb and explain.  Now she'll have to stay long enough to make things right and find him a new wife.  But Maggie better hang on to her vow with both hands, because Caleb has other plans for the fiery matchmaker...and a very seductive kiss.

The Author

Cynthia Woolf was born in Denver, Colorado and raised in the mountains west of Golden. She spent her early years running wild around the mountain side with her friends.
Their closest neighbor was one quarter of a mile away, so her little brother was her playmate and her best friend. That fierce friendship lasted until his death in 2006.
Cynthia was and is an avid reader. Her mother was a librarian and brought new books home each week. This is where young Cynthia first got the storytelling bug. She wrote her first story at the age of ten. A romance about a little boy she liked at the time.
She worked her way through college and went to work full time straight after graduation and there was little time to write. Then in 1990 she and two friends started a round robin writing a story about pirates. She found that she missed the writing and kept on with other stories. In 1992 she joined Colorado Romance Writers and Romance Writers of America. Unfortunately, the loss of her job demanded she not renew her memberships and her writing stagnated for many years.
In 2001, she saw an ad in the paper for a writers conference being put on by CRW and decided she'd attend. One of her favorite authors, Catherine Coulter, was the keynote speaker. Cynthia was lucky enough to have a seat at Ms. Coulter's table at the luncheon and after talking with her, decided she needed to get back to her writing. She rejoined both CRW and RWA that day and hasn't looked back.
Cynthia credits her wonderfully supportive husband Jim and the great friends she's made at CRW for saving her sanity and allowing her to explore her creativity.

Find more about her at:


“What do you mean, you quit?  Mr. Sinclair, you just can’t quit.”  Margaret “Maggie” Selby put her pen down on the desk.  She would not raise her voice.  She would not lose control.
“I’m sorry, Mrs. Selby, but I got no choice.  There’s an opening at the sanitarium in Albany and my Mary, she needs to go right now.  The doctors there might be able to help her.  We leave on the morning train.”
Maggie took a deep breath and nodded.  She understood.  She really did, but it didn’t change the fact that she was now in a difficult situation.  “Of course, you must go.  I know how poor Mary’s health is and any help that can be obtained for her, must be.”
“I wish I could give you some notice, but we just received the letter in yesterday’s post.”
“It’s fine, Mr. Sinclair.  I’ll manage.”
He handed her an envelope.  “Here are the train tickets.”
“Yes, well, I’ve wanted to see the frontier I’ve been sending my these girls to.  I’m simply going to see it sooner than I anticipated.”
“I’m truly sorry, Mrs. Selby.”
Maggie got up, came around the desk and held her hand out to him.  “You just take care of Mary.  That’s your job now.”
He shook her hand, nodded.  Mr. Sinclair put on his hat and wiped his brow with his kerchief before venturing back out into the already hot and sunny morning.
She went to her desk, grabbed Caleb Black’s file, put the closed sign on the door and then went upstairs to her apartment to pack.  Her bride, Jenny Talbot would be by in an hour or so to pick up her tickets.  Maggie would tell her then that she’d be accompanying her, not Mr. Sinclair.  It was just as well.  Jenny was nervous as a kitten and Maggie worried about the union, but both Mr. Black and Jenny had been adamant that it take place.  If truth be told, Maggie herself was a better match for Mr. Black than Jenny.  But she was here to find matches for others, not for herself.
Jenny’s reasoning she understood.  Jenny was the oldest of the seven Talbot children.  At twenty-two years old, felt she was a burden on her parents even though she worked and helped out with the bills.  She hated her job and wanted to get married.  Her chances were growing slim.  Most men of marriageable age were either already married, old or widowers with hellions for children.
Jenny was a tall, slim girl with pale blue eyes and dark blond hair.  Her lips were full, her nose long and straight.  Just a plain young woman from a struggling family who wanted a better life.  One that the wild frontier might be able to offer.
Mr. Black’s reasoning was less clear.  He was successful and wanted children.  Maggie had presented him with several other possible candidates, some more attractive, some younger, some older, all of whom he’d rejected.  The reasons he gave were weak.  Brown hair.  Too short.  Too fat.  Too thin.  Too young.  Too old.  There seemed to be a reason for rejecting every one she sent him.
Finally, he’d settled on Jenny with the proviso that Maggie herself accompanied the girl.  She’d agreed, but stated only that Jenny would be accompanied.  With her full intention having been to send Mr. Sinclair in her place.  Maggie’s time was much more well spent here in New York.  Finding clients, assigning candidates that is where her mind, body and commitment lay.  Yes, running her business is where she belonged more than on a trip to the wild West.  She didn’t feel bad about her decision.  Really she didn’t, she told herself over and over.  But she was lying.  If she were honest, deep down she was afraid to meet Mr. Black.  Afraid her image of him would be wrong, but even more afraid it would be right and he really was the man he depicted in his letters.
She shouldn’t have allowed it, the private correspondence, but it had been innocent enough.  In the beginning.  A simple flirtation with someone she’d never meet.  But now, the thought of actually meeting him terrified and thrilled her at the same time. Now she had to go.  Maggie released a rather breathless sigh.  She blinked repeatedly against the harsh sunlight.  So Mr. Black was getting what he’d asked for after all.  Much to her dismay.

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Since Cynthia writes Romance, I asked her what she thought were the best ten romance novels she has ever read. So here's her list.

  1. Honor’s Splendor by Julie Garwood

  2. The Wolf and the Dove by Kathleen Woodiwiss

  3. Savage Thunder by Johanna Lindsey

  4. Lyon’s Lady by Julie Garwood

  5. Bewitching by Jill Barnett

  6. Gentle Rogue by Johanna Lindsey

  7. Tender Rebel by Johanna Lindsey

  8. Under His Command by Kristine Cayne

  9. Prince Charming by Julie Garwood

  10. Daniel’s Bride by Linda Lael Miller


luni, 26 august 2013

[Book Tour & Giveaway] Life, Love & Lemons by Magan Vernon

26 august 4 Comments


Life, Love, & Lemons

Magan Vernon
Publication date: August 20th 2013
Genres: Contemporary, Young Adult


When life hands you lemons, sometimes you have to say screw the lemons and bail.
Seventeen-year-old Bentley Evans had it all. Then her Dad got laid off.
Now she has to move across town to a small apartment and leave her life of luxury for public school and a job at the local burger place. Just when her world seems like it's crumbling she finds solace in the unlikely punk boy next door, Kai Stone. But as their relationship blossoms, a jealous ex-girlfriend and a secret to tell that threatens to bring disaster back into Bentley’s life



Magan Vernon is a Young Adult and New Adult writer who lives with her family in the insurance capital of the world. She is in a very serious, fake relationship with Adam Lambert and constantly asks her husband to wear guyliner. He still refuses. She also believes her husband is secretly an alien, disguised as a southern gentleman.

Author Links:

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter

International Giveaway

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sâmbătă, 24 august 2013

In My Mailbox / Stacking the Shelves (23)

24 august 0 Comments

Hi! Welcome to In My Mailbox and Stacking the Shelves, the weekly memes where I show you what books I bought and received lately. To find official information like how to participate or why it was started, check the official IMM page and STS page!


Borrowed from grandpa

- first 50 issues of a Romanian Sci-Fi magazine that published Romanian Sci-Fi authors (novels, novellettes, short stories...)

- a book about a student of Medicine (a sort of autobiography written by one of his childhood friends)

Signed bookmark


What did you guys get?


vineri, 23 august 2013

Review and Giveaway: Uninvited by Leah Spiegel and Meg Summers [Book Tour]

23 august 3 Comments

Leah Spiegel and Meg Summers
Series: South Hills Sidekicks #1
Publication date: February 11th 2012
Genre: Humorous YA Chick-Lit


When Alley started her senior year at Upper East High in the South Hills area, it was supposed to be the usual drag of hanging out with people who spent more on one outfit than Alley did on her entire wardrobe. That was until Kirsten, a girl in their clique, suddenly goes missing and the only people who seem to care are her friends. All evidence leads to the new comer Shane, a cocky and self-pretentious person in Alley’s opinion, but the police seem uninterested so she and the rest of the girls start a little investigation of their own. But they are nowhere closer to finding Kirsten than when they started and now they had the police’s attention; just not in the way they expected. The girls have to start over and discover that maybe it wasn’t an outsider who took Kirsten, but someone within their own clique who has something to hide; a secret that just might have gotten Kirsten killed.



[caption id="attachment_2054" align="aligncenter" width="304"]vanilla-rating-4-stars my rating: 3.5 vanilla flowers[/caption]

I must admit one of the first things that got my attention was this book's super-cute cover. What can I say? It's something we all do, even some wouldn't admit it. Reading the plot summary, I thought it would be a fun read - and it was: a perfect summer read for me. So I was pretty excited when my book arrived, signed by both authors, who are sisters, and started reading it as soon as I finished with my exams and came home from my holiday out of town.

Initially, I was a bit disappointed. There were kind of more typos than I like to see in my books, but the funny thing is that after a few tens of pages, the typos became inexistent. And not just because I was super into the story, but the book was probably more carefully edited from then on. Now the plot may seem similar to Sara Shepard's Pretty Little Liars. At least that's what I thought ar first. We have the missing teenage girl and her friends trying to play detective and find her. And I must say, I admire their friendship. Not many people would break the law like that and risk getting expelled or worse, arrested, just to make sure their friend is safe.

The characters are typical teenage girls. The protagonist is Alley, a simple girl with a good sense of humour, who ends up being in the most popular clique at highschool because she's Val's best friend. While I loved Alley, I have mixed feelings for Val. It just seemed a little odd someone so klutzy and... dumb, would be so popular. The most popular girl position is occupied by Kristen - the girl who goes missing. And, typically, her friends think Shane - the new guy - is guilty for her disappearance. Alley also thinks she's being followed by him, but the police claim he has a strong alibi. And you will have an amazing surprise when you find out who he actually is! So... who's actually behind Val's disappearance? And who's dealing drugs? The two cases are somehow connected. I love this kind of investigation stories, where teens try to find out the culprit, but, unfortunately, I guessed who was the guilty one right from the beggining. Even so, the book is a very fun read.

I really enjoyed Alley's and Shane's hilarious conversations. The chemistry between the two is glowing right from the moment they meet. I'm really curious how their taboo relationship will develop later in the series. And while I'm reluctant to start new book series, I'm glad this book has a clear ending, independent of the rest of the series. So you can read "Uninvited" without fearing you won't keep up with your other series. Another character I liked reading about was Alley's dog, Buddy. The two are like a comic duo, with Buddy's behaviour and Alley's inability to make him obey.

You will explore Alley's life as she tries to find her place in a group of girls that only accepted her because of her friendship with Val, and not of her personality, and at the same time save your friend. At first glance a typical teenager story, "Uninvited" is more than that. It's a sweet story about friendship, devotion and trust, with a comedy topping. A perfect read for a summer day or when a moment you are in need of some cheering up and relaxation. For me, it was great to read about the period of my life that just ended a few months ago - highschool.


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luni, 19 august 2013

In My Mailbox / Stacking the Shelves (22)

19 august 2 Comments

Hi! Welcome to In My Mailbox and Stacking the Shelves, the weekly memes where I show you what books I bought and received lately. To find official information like how to participate or why it was started, check the official IMM page and STS page!

Bought in paperback

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="350"] Agatha Christie's Murder in the Mews Romanian Edition[/caption]

From Lizzy Ford

(Thank you so much, sweetie! I'm happy to help anytime.)


The War of Gods series by Lizzy Ford was a gift from Lisa Markson. Thank you for your generosity!

So... what's new in YOUR library?

joi, 15 august 2013

mar╚Ťi, 13 august 2013

Cover Reveal: The Devil’s Tattoo by Nicole R. Taylor

13 august 0 Comments

The Devil’s Tattoo by Nicole R. Taylor
Publication date: September 1st 2013
Genre: Contemporary Romance 18+

Zoe Granger picked up her first guitar the day her heart was smashed into a billion pieces. It was a way to keep her mind off her inevitable downward spiral, but music soon became her escape. She's been burned too many times to tell and is just happy to coast through life, never putting herself out there. That's until her best friend Dee suggests they start a band and suddenly she finds herself not just a part of it, but fronting the whole outfit.
They call themselves The Devil's Tattoo and when they release their debut EP, it rockets to the top of the charts and it's like an overnight fairytale. Contracts, photo shoots, royalties and interviews are heaped onto the shy Zoe and it's like she's finally found her place. Then comes the phone call that changes everything. They've been asked to co-headline a tour with one of the hottest bands of the moment, The Stabs and Zoe will never be the same again.
Will Strickland is one fourth of the hottest indie rock band to ever grace the airwaves. He's the bass player in The Stabs, hot as hell and could have his pick of any girl that flings herself at him. But he's only got eyes for Zoe and she has no idea why he'd bother. She's got one hell of a trust issue and an attitude to boot and Will seems to be the one who wants to tame her, but is he game enough?
The Devil's Tattoo and The Stabs go on the road and it's either going to be a highway to hell or a stairway to heaven. Only time will tell who will come out on top and Zoe's determined to do it without getting her heart broken… again.



Nicole R. Taylor is an Australian born paranormal, fantasy and contemporary fiction author. She is a graduate of the University of Ballarat Professional Writing and Editing programme and is a former music memorabilia sales person and grocery merchandiser.
She currently lives in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia with a two year old rescue cat named, Burger. She enjoys reading, writing (of course!), traveling and a little too much chocolate. One day she hopes to sky dive, but has to work up the courage first.
The first in her new paranormal fantasy series, The Witch Hunter Saga is available in e-edition and print from March 20th 2013

Author links:
Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter


luni, 12 august 2013

In My Mailbox / Stacking the Shelves (21)

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Hi! Welcome to In My Mailbox and Stacking the Shelves, the weekly memes where I show you what books I bought and received lately. To find official information like how to participate or why it was started, check the official IMM page and STS page!

It's been a while since I last posted in this cathegory, so you should know that I'm officially a Pharmacy student at the best Medical college in Romania (UMF Cluj) and after taking my admission exam, I've been enjoying my holiday... But now that I'm back, I'll try to keep posting IMMs.

Bought in paperback

Swag items

Won in Paperback - signed


[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="297"] gift from Lizzy[/caption]

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="315"] won in a giveaway[/caption]

- freebies

So what did *you* get?