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luni, 11 februarie 2013

Free ebook: Dragon Empire (Book I) - Shahid Aziz

Dragon Empire is Science fiction, Fantasy, Action and Adventure book for readers thirteen and up. Fifteen year old John and twelve year old Grace were regular children from New York who lived a regular life, until something happened and they ended up in a world ruled and sustained by seven Dragons. The two children were the only pure humans there. They were to undergo a series of training for a terrifying fate ahead. In the world full of peace and harmony, the Dark Dragon raised hell and broke the balance that upheld that very peace. He created a monster designed to slay Dragons, so the rest of the six would be powerless against him. They were to face a terrifying foe, and were still clueless on how to deal with the Dark Dragon. If he was killed, balance would still be broken. A prophecy foretold that the ones who underwent all sorts of training and discoveries would be the ones to partake in a war that would decide the fate of their future. This fantasy adventure series features a large cast of characters, combat sequences, discoveries, supernatural powers and suspense. Find out how the two siblings survive long enough and grow strong enough to do as the prophecy stated; restore balance in the world.
300 pages
Published December 2nd 2012 by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Genres: Science fiction, Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Children's

Get it for free between the 11-14 February.

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About the author

This generation of children, teens and young adults are addicted to computers. Many have lost the patience or interest to read good books, and mostly play games on consoles or watch movies. If this keeps up, in the future, good storybooks may even get extinct from the lack of buyers. Books written by older writers that became highly famous come to attention of younger aged only through the movies, and miss out on the true inside part of the story. They experience it as an on-viewer, not as the protagonists themselves. Dragon Empire was written by a sixteen year old boy, Shahid Junior Aziz. He is no different from any other teen who loves fast paced games and blockbuster movies. His book will make the reader drown in the story, not the lengthy words. A well written book by a younger boy is bound to interest younger readers. It has the potential to allure the reader into the story; featuring two simple American children who go through extraordinary things in difficult circumstances. It takes the reader on a journey into a whole different world, and let the reader relate to what is happening, and be astonished with how the difficulties are overcome. Featuring morals of certain events, a vivid insight of the action sequences and inspirational moments that all combine into one amazing book. It will let the eyes read the words while the mind experiences something better than a 3D movie - the true inside of the story; let the reader live it, and in the end love it.


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