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marți, 25 septembrie 2012

Crossed - C.J. Graves (ebook gratis 27-28 sept)

Din 27 până în 28 septembrie, puteţi descărca gratuit de pe Amazon cartea următoare:

On september 27th and 28th, you can get this book for free from Amazon:

Crossed (A Jayden Morrow Mystery, #1)

Safe life in a small town just got dangerous.

Jayden Morrow moves to Grasshopper Hill, NC and becomes a private investigator expecting life to be safe. After dodging bombs in Iraq as an MP, cheating husbands and insurance fraud seem like a walk in the demilitarized zone. But when a young girl is found murdered at a local Christian rock concert, Jayden's military instincts kick in, and any hope for peace and quiet blows up in her face.

The case plunges her into the midst of a powerful church family. Hirshel Lightner, the head pastor, tries to crush her investigation. Even worse, Jayden finds herself attracted to Hirshel’s son-in-law, Adam--a man who could be the killer. If Jayden isn’t careful, she might be the next victim.

Alte Detalii / Other Details

Lungime / Length: 193 pag.

Gen/Genre : Mystery, Thriller

Părerea mea / My oppinion : Nu am citit-o încă, dar mă tentează./ I haven't read it yet, but I'm thinking about it.

Ia cartea / Get the book

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