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joi, 5 martie 2015

Review: Mind the Gap, Volume 1: Intimate Strangers

Mind the Gap, Volume 1: Intimate Strangers(Mind the Gap #1)


Elle Peterssen is young, wealthy, and beautiful - and there is a reason someone tried to kill her. Only, Elle doesn't remember any of this. Mind the Gap, the new series by the Eisner Award-winning writer JIM McCANN (Return of the Dapper Men), is a mystery with a paranormal twist. Elle, in a spirit form detached from her comatose body, must not only unravel the mystery of her attacker's identity and motive but her entire life as well. Who can she trust, in both this word and in the gap she exists in that lies between life and death? Filled with twists and turns, Elle's life isn't the only one turned upside down by the attack on her life. Deceit, secrets, and hidden agendas are everywhere in a story where everyone is a suspect, and no one is innocent. Collects Mind the Gap #1-5.

After reading this graphic novel, I was really surprised to see it was published a few years ago. NetGalley usually offers new books, mostly advance reader copies. While I definitely enjoyed it, I can't help being worried since the latest issue came out a year and a half ago and the story doesn't end there. Will it be continued? I want to find out what happens next, but I am not willing to risk reading the following volumes and end up with a cliffhanger that will never be solved if the comic book series doesn't continue.

Mind the Gap tells the story of a young, wealthy, beautiful woman - Elle - who is in a coma after someone whose identity we don't know tried to kill her. She "lives" in a place as a sort of ghost, being able to see what is happening in the hospital and can also visit other places. Elle can also see other comatose patients and has long conversations with them. She suffers from memory loss and it is not clear if the ghosts she is speaking to are real or they are just manifestations of her consciousness.

The story is very confusing, but the artwork is absolutely beautiful and it is very clear this first volume is meant to just introduce you to the story. 

As I have mentioned before, I am very curious about what happened, but the story is progressing slowly and the first 16 issues came out in the years of 2012 and 2013, with only issue 17 released in 2014 - which introduces the second act of the story. 

I am more than willing to dive into the story more but I just fear it won't be continued anymore by the author. Hopefully, NetGalley promoting this after 3 years from its original publication date is a sign the publishers want to test if readers are interested and also re-promote the series. *Fingers crossed*

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