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marți, 1 iulie 2014

Guest Post: Healed by a Heart by Cynthia Woolf

All Liam Anderson wanted after the War Between the States, was a little peace. After seventeen years in the army, he’s tired of fighting and killing. Having lost his beloved wife to influenza, he’s tired of hurting. And seeing his baby brother framed for murder, he’s tired of injustice. He left everything behind to help his brothers escape, packed up his children and possessions, and took them all to a gold claim in Deadwood.

Miss Eleanor Smith is a thirty-two year-old spinster. She gave up her dream of a home and family a long time ago. Instead, she has spent her life traveling the world, ministering to the weak, the injured, the poor, and the forgotten, following her preacher father from one hell hole to another. From what she’s seen of men and the world, she’s better off taking care of herself. And she gets along just fine, until she literally falls into Liam’s arms, gets in the middle of a fight that isn’t hers, and becomes a pawn for an enemy’s revenge.

Deadwood was supposed to be a fresh start for Liam Anderson and his younger brothers, but trouble followed him and his children. And when Eleanor disappears, only Liam can rescue her. The headstrong, independent woman awoke his dead passion, but refused to surrender to his touch. Can he convince her that merely surviving isn’t enough? Despite his sins, he's the only man who can save her, and she's the only woman strong enough to heal his broken heart.


I asked Cynthia to talk about inspirational people in her life.
My mother – How she met my father was the inspiration for my first book, Tame A Wild Heart. They met on a working cattle/dude ranch in Creede, a small town in Southwestern Colorado, in 1941 and were married in 1942. I set my first book on a ranch near that same small town. As a matter of fact, I based the ranch in my book on the same ranch they met on. It is still there and as a matter of fact, is now part of the open space in Mineral County, Colorado. The way she had to work when she was young was the inspiration for my heroine, Rosie in Tame A Wild Bride. She worked so hard and did everything around the ranch. She even worked at a turkey farm one time, plucking birds. That is long before they had machines to do that kind of thing. So when I have Rosie do all the things that she did around the ranch, gathering eggs, milking cows and so forth, I based that on the work that my mother did as a young wife and mother.

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