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sâmbătă, 17 mai 2014

Review: Flowers on the Water by Helen Scott Taylor

Flowers on the Water by Helen Scott Taylor
Genre: Romance, Short Story
Pages: 27
first published October 1st 2012


A heartwrenching tale of love and forgiveness.
Praise for Flowers on the Water
"Helen Scott Taylor has written a beautiful love story brimming with heatbreak, forgiveness, and love." Joanne
"Although this is a short story, the power of emotion is incredible." Luvbooks
"Flowers on the Water is a short story that will stay with you for a long time." Reader Forever
A short love story.
A tragedy so devastating she thought their love was dead. But he never gave up hope.

 My rating



I have made it a habit to read on the tram, on my way to college and back home. For this, I think it is quite obvious why I usually choose short stories, novellas or shorter books. I only have around 30 minutes a day and other books are waiting for me at home. I also try to choose something sweet, with not a very complex storyline so I can focus even if there is a lot of noise.

Flowers on the Water was an exactly such book and I'm very happy I picked it up. It was free on Amazon at the time when I got it, and it's not very expensive now either. It tells the story of Lucy, whose little boy died by drowning years before. Every year, she goes to the same beach-house she stayed then and throws flowers in the sea to commemorate her son. But this year is the 10th one since he died, and Lucy stumbles upon her ex-husband. It appears there was a mix-up and they both payed for a week at the beach-house and now have to stay together after many years of being apart.

Lucy can't forgive her former husband for writing a book about the tragedy of their son's death, while he blames himself for the accident. However, neither wants to give up the commemoration, and they end up sharing the house after all.

It was a very sweet story about coming to terms with grief, of forgiveness and love that never dies. I definitely recommend it.

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