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vineri, 28 martie 2014

Mini-review: Emily and the Strangers

Emily and the Strangers #1

by Mariah Huehner, Rob Reger, Emily Ivie


In order to win a legendary haunted guitar, Emily is determined to create the most rockin' song the world has ever known!
But can she do it solo?
Emily isn't known for playing well with others, but she's going to have to rely on the help of some strangers if she's going to succeed on her musical journey to the true heart of rock 'n' roll!
Emily the Strange creator Rob Reger teams up with co-writer Mariah Huehner (True Blood, Angel) and artist Emily Ivie (The Locked Maze, Rotsterarsil) for a brand-new, full-color Emily the Strange mini-series full of troublemaking cats, mad science, new friends, and killer guitar riffs!

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I must say I missed Emily and her adorable, lovable strangeness. Reading this comic made me want to go back and read the third and fourth book as soon as possible, but that's an entirely different story and you're here to read the "Emily and the Strangers" comic's review... I suppose.

So without further ado, the plot in one sentence: Emily is trying to create her best rock song to win the haunted guitar of legendary Proffessa Kraken. I know, it sounds epic. And it is!

The first thing that I noticed was that Emily looks a bit different, like in a different drawing style, but it wasn't at all a problem for me, I actually found it quite refreshing. And while I have only read one of the other Emily the Strange comics out there, I was excited to see Raven for the first time, a very colourful and unique and totally unexpected Raven that is just sooo cool! And the cats? Oh my goodness! You gotta love those crazy cats. We also get to meet some new amazing characters ("the Strangers") but I don't want to go into details as it might spoil this comic for you.

The song Emily creates made me want to listen to it so badly I actually tried to sing it inside my head but I'm sure nothing my mind could imagine would be as great as Emily's.

"Emily and the Strangers" made me feel the same thing the novels did, which that one other comic I read a while ago didn't manage to, so that was clearly a pleasant surprise. What are you waiting for, Emily the Strange fan? Get your hands on a copy now. :)

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